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    The Sharpness of the Samurai Sword! Baroness engineers understand that all greens mowers depend on one thing above all else, the design and material quality of the reel and bedknife.

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    Introducing the new LM2400 and LM315

    We've added the LM2400 5 Gang Fairway Mower and the LM315 TriPlex Greens Mower to our lineup this year!

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    Ray Waddell, Superintendent Elmhurst Country Club, PA

    One of the major advantages with the Baroness mower is that you can do multiple tasks at one time – mowing, de-thatching, grooming, and brushing. And changing the attachments is easy and fast.

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    LM2700 Fairway Mower

    We have developed a fairway mower with an unmatched quality of cut, industry leading speed and exceptional reliability.

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    Paul J. Jamrog - Metacomet Country Club, RI

    Golf Course or club. The quality of cut and the clip speed of Baroness LM56G are outstanding. Now we see a much firmer and truer surface, and the members are loving the fact that their balls roll smooth and fast.

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    LM18G & 56G Walk Behind Mower

    The Baroness walk behind mowers are among the lightest in their class, solidly built, highly manueverable and constructed to a quality standard second to none.

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    LM285 Rough Mower

    The LM285 is equipped with AWD which provides better traction even on heavily undulating terrain.

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    Bill Murtha, Superintendent - Binghamton Country Club

    My entire member board knew which greens were mowed with the Baroness and which ones were mowed with the other mowers... they told me to buy Baroness even though we were under a lease with the other mowers.

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    SP05 Bunker Rake

    The Baroness SP05 Bunker Rake is designed to adapt to all kinds of bunker conditions with power steering, switchable 2WD/3WD, low center of gravity and free-floating adjustable rake and finishing brush.

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